The Valentine Week List 2023 Start From 7 Feb to 21 Feb

Hello everyone, New year has been coming & you are waiting for February month for this valentine week list 2023, this month is waiting for a lot of couples doing celebrate moment with partner. on this valentine week list 2023 how can we celebrate which day is rose day and which day has been celebrating many more.

Valentine Week List 2023

2023 valentine week should be more celebrating previous years. in this year’s valentine week list 2023 calendar is a good day for 7 Feb to 14 Feb. both of date is a good day for everyone. if you are vegetarian then you will be enjoyed this day and if you will be non-vegetarian then you can little bit problem in this valentine week list 2023 calendar.

on this both dates start and ending from Tuesday this is little bit problem of non-vegetarian 7 Feb and 14 Feb. if you are work ship of the god of hanuman then you should avoid the things (this is my opinion. I am not any suggestion for food.)

valentine week list 2023

Valentine Week 2023 Full List

2023 valentine week list, each day is more joyful for the couples. so excited about the soulmates what is doing in this date and date. if you have girlfriend or wife so you celebrate this valentine week of 2023 so beautiful. you can give the flower on rose day then your partner is happier on this date. bcz they have a lot of work over the years so this week really you should enjoy with partner. i am really excited about that week.

valentine week list 2023

7 FEB – Rose Day 2023 (Tuesday)

the valentine week 2023 starts from 7 Feb (Tuesday). this day is called the god of hanuman so you can wake up early morning and do something new for the partner. when the partner wakes up so you will be must prepared for give the rose. and also make a cup of tea or coffee for the partner at least this week make special for your soulmates.


valentine week list 2023

8 FEB – Propose Day 2023 (Wednesday)

on this date you can bring a bucket of roses and give the partner and say i love you. so your partner is happier you can also search on google how can you celebrate valentine week 2023.

you should a take bucket of different roses like as red rose, white rose, yellow rose and also pink rose. that’s the bucket so beautiful and your soulmates is happier.

valentine week list 2023

9 FEB – Chocolate Day 2023 (Thursday)

every girl on this date waits for a chocolate by partner. The partner gives the dairy milk “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye”.

the world chocolate day has been celebrating on the July 7. on this date both of partner girl and boy should be giving the chocolates of the partner.

valentine week full list 2023

10 FEB – Teddy Day 2023 (Friday)

most of the boy brings the large teddy for the partner. most of the girls love the teddy so you must give the teddy for your love at least you can’t afford large teddy you can give the small and cute teddy. the months and this week, most of the girls waiting for so you can celebrate on enjoy your own life.

2023 valentine week list

11 FEB – Promise Day 2023 (Saturday) 

in the valentine week list 2023, the date of promise day 2023 is Saturday, is waiting for boy and girl both of the partner said something for your own life. every boy’s promise “Main Khush Rakhunga”.

a lot of promises will be taken on this date. but few partner should the obeyed the rules. you can feel with the partner emotion you are gem on this life. i can say that feeling is not temperament you can see the partner eyes and you get the outcome which thinking on mind.

valentine week list 2023

12 FEB – Hug Day 2023 (Sunday)

if the hug with soulmates there is nothing an pain on this moment. if you are facing very difficult to day-to-day life  huf with soulmates. the problem has been gone.

Hugging the affection, the love.

valentine week list after 14 feb

13 FEB – Kiss Day 2023 (Monday)

kissing the symbol of affection with partner. the purpose of kissing how much loving with soulmates and how much deepen i relationship with your partner.

14 FEB – Valentine Day 2023 (Tuesday)

This whole week is known by the name of this day, on this day the loving couple go on a date by being romantic with each other. They plan surprises for each other by giving gifts to each other, due to which both feel inner happiness in this given below valentine week list 2023.

List Valentine Week List 2023

दिन Day (Date) Day
First Day (Rose Day) 7 Feb 2023 Tuesday
Two Day (Propose Day) 8 Feb 2023 Wednesday
Three Day (Chocolate Day) 9 Feb 2023 Thursday
Four Day (Teddy Day) 10 Feb 2023 Friday
Five Day (Promise Day) 11 Feb 2023 Saturday
Six Day (Hug Day) 12 Feb 2023 Sunday
Seven Day (Kiss Day) 13 Feb 2023 Monday
Eight Day (Valentine’s Day) 14 Feb 2023 Tuesday


Valentine Week List 2023 7 to February 21st

Rose Day 2023 Date: 7th Feb (Tuesday)

Propose Day 2023 Date : 8th Feb (Wednesday)

Chocolate Day 2023 Date: 9th Feb (Thursday)

Teddy Day 2023 Date: 10th Feb (Friday)

Promise Day 2023 Date: 11th Feb (Saturday)

Hug Day 2023 Date: 12th Feb (Sunday)

Kiss Day 2023 Date: 13th Feb (Monday)

Valentine’s Day 2023 Date: 14th Feb (Tuesday)

Slap Day 2023 Date: 15th Feb (Wednesday)

Kick Day 2023 Date: 16th Feb (Thursday)

Perfume Day 2023 Date: 17th Feb (Friday)

Flirting Day 2023 Date: 18th Feb (Saturday)

Confession Day 2023 Date: 19th Feb (Sunday)

Missing Day 2023 Date: 20th Feb (Monday)

Break Up Day 2023 Date: 21st Feb (Tuesday)

Thank you for reading this article valentine week list 2023.

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