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[Ullu Web Series Cast Name] : Are you searching for Best Ullu Web Series of May2022, In this post you have know everything about ullu web series cast name ,here we have written about top10+ web series with cast name.

List of Top10 Ullu Web Series Cast Name:

1. Jalebi Bai (Part-3)
Genre – Drama Romance Adult
Detailed Description (DD) – Jalebi Bai was only a housekeeper when she met individuals from all walks of life. But, with her unusual and beguiling techniques, she gradually became the thread that bound them together and added spice to their otherwise mundane existence.
Director – Yogesh Ojha

ullu web series cast name

Jalebi Bai Ullu Web Series Cast Name – [Rakesh Dubey (Brijmohan)], [Alina Sen (Shanti)], [Ridhima Tiwari (Jalebi Bai First Character)],[Prajakta Dusane (Jalebi Bai Second Character)],[Jimmi Kumari (Shreya)], [Ankit Patidar (Mukesh)]


2. Palang Tod (Zaroorat) Palang Tod (Zaroorat)
Genre – Drama Romance
Detailed description (DD) – Kamlesh is handicapped, and Savita is his housekeeper, looking after all of his requirements as well as the home tasks. Savita sees some bodily movement in Kamlesh one day after he accidently touches her cleavage. Savita then resolves to treat Kamlesh with her body and embarks on a trip filled with fantasy.
Director: M.S

Palang Tod Ullu Web Series Cast Name: [Neeraj Singh Rajput (Ganesh)],[Sharanya J Kaur (Savita)],[Vaidehee Bhave (Tejaswini)],[Ravi Mishra (Kamlesh)]

3. Jaghannaya (Kutte Ki Maut)
Genre – Drama Erotic Adult Violence Nudity
Detailed description(DD) – Madhuri is a young and inexperienced maid who is head over heels in love with her master Rajat. Rajat gets drunk and makes out with her one night, and her fantasies come true. This encounter alters her life forever, as she begins to dream of becoming a mistress from a maidservant, and she follows the road of blood to achieve it.
Director Ajay V

Jaghannaya Ullu Web Series Cast Name: Alika Nair (Sugandha),Atul Verma (Rajat),Tanya Desai (Madhuri),Manvu Chug (Shehnaaz),Sunny Saini (Dinya)

ullu web series cast name
Tanya Desai

4. King’s Man
Genre – Drama Adult
Detailed description (DD) – Raja Rupendra Singh is the ruler of an old princely state who now wants to establish a name for himself in politics, but inexplicable happenings are occurring in his territory, and a body is discovered every few days. On the one hand, Rupendra spends all of his resources to locating the killer, while on the other, he wishes to keep his secrets concealed from everyone.
Director: Kamal Kumar Monga

King’s Man Ullu Web Series Cast Name: [Madhura Dasgupta (Sarla)],[Gagan Anand (Rupendra)],[Vinit Kumar (Bhanu)],[Kuldeep Singh (Vikas)],[Armaan Tahil (Dharam)]

5. Patra Petika (Part-2)
Genre – Drama Romance Adult
Detailed description (DD)- Lata came from a tiny village and was a modest girl. Sharad, the local postman, develops feelings for her and begins composing letters in her husband Sudhir’s name in order to get closer to her. He also read the letters aloud to her. Lata believes the poetry letters are from Sudhir and falls for them. This unusual bond she establishes with the letters changes her life in ways she never expected.
Director: Jasbir Bhati

Patra PetikaUllu Web Series Cast Name: [Vishal Mohan (Sudhir)],[Prajakta Dusane (Lata)],[Nandu Devgan (Welcome)],[Shweta Ghosh (Romila)],[Rinku Ghosh (Meher Bee)],[Jay Vats (Sharad)],[Padam Singh (Durga Prasad)]


ullu webseries cast name
Shewta Ghosh

6. Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 (Part 4)
Detailed description (DD): Kavita bhabhi goes to a farmhouse only to discover that it is haunted. Raj, her brother-in-law, is possessed by Mangala’s spirit, who was murdered by her husband for being a lesbian. Kavita bhabhi strikes a bizarre bargain with the ghost in order to save Raj and satisfy her desire.
Director: Faisal Saif

Kavita Bhabhi Ullu Web Series Cast Name: [Shaan Mishra (Raaj)],[Kavita Radheshyam (Kavita Bhabhi)],[Rekha Mona Sarkar (Ragini)],[Sanket Singh Chouhan (Mukesh)],[Rushaali (Mangla)],
Genre -Drama Romance Adult

Ullu webseries actress cast
Kavita Radheshyam

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7. Exit
Detailed description – Ravi, a former cricketer, bets on cricket matches using his knowledge of the game. He loses a wager and is forced to pay a large sum to a betting goon. Ravi intends to fake his death in order to collect the insurance money and EXIT his former life. His wife, Shailey, is blackmailed by an unknown man who claims to be aware of their insurance scam. Ravi chooses to bring his “A” game at this point.
Director: Rajeev Mendiratta

Exit Ullu Web Series Cast Name: [Vindhya Tiwari (Shailey)],[Ashwarya Raj Bhakuni (Janu)],[Rajniesh Duggall (Ravi)],[Manish Goplani (Pintu)],[Shivoy Katyal (Arjun)],[Aparna Dixit (Jenny)]

ullu actress name list
Aparna Dixit

Genre – Drama Suspense Thriller Adult


8. Games Of Karma Games Of Karma ( Chhal )
Detailed description – Chanchal was caught in a bizarre circle in which she couldn’t trust anyone. She fights back and does everything she can to overcome this time monster. But when karma plays its game, even the most powerful player falls.
Director: Praveen Hingonia

Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series Cast Name– [Paritosh Sand (Shree Pitaji)],[Himani Sharma (Chanchal)], [Kashif Khan (Govind)],[Vishal Singh (Iqbal)],[Rahul Yadav (Sangeeta)],[Ram (Sarita)],[Kiran Singh (Lajwanti)],[Priti Maurya (Pummy)]
Genre – Drama Suspense Adult

 charmsukh actress name
Himani Sharma

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9. Robot 
Detailed description : Mr. Chadda, the savvy customs officer, seizes a  Robot brought from Bangkok and conceals it in his junior Anand’s house. Anand, who is anxious and inquisitive, opens the package and discovers the semi-nude robot “Rosy,” and his life takes an unexpected turn..
Director: Raju Desai & Vishal Desai

Robot Ullu Web Series Cast Name: [Naveen Bawa (B C Chadda)],[Vijay Patkar (Dhurandar Gotephode)],[Rachel Rodrigues (Rosy Robot)],[Worship Khanna (Anand Kumar)],[Puja Mukherji (Shweta)]
Genre – Drama Roamnce Adult  Nudity Language

10. Train Charmsukh (Train 2)
Detailed description :- Juhi was on a train with her mother when she encountered Nilesh, a stranger who sparked an unknown, intense need in her. Nilesh feels the same way, and they decide to kiss but fail, leaving their desires unfulfilled. Juhi walks to Nilesh’s seat at night, hoping for another opportunity with him, but a nasty twist awaits her.
Director : Nannditaa V. Kothari

Train 2 Ullu Web Series Cast Name: [Farmaan Haider (Nilesh)],[Raj Dutta (Atul)], [Zeliya Christopher (Juhi)],[Imran Sujail Khan (TT)], [Prashant Pundir (40 Year’s Man)],[Pooja Ashok Kumar Devaliya (Mother)]
Genre- Drama Romance Adult Nudity

 ullu web series actress name list
Zeeliys christopher

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11. Pratiksha –
Detailed description: The terrible suicide of television personality Pratiksha Singh has shocked the entertainment industry. Senior Inspector Sudip begins his inquiry at the death scene, while Abhay, a Washington Post writer, decodes her background to discover the cause for the suicide or murder.
Director – Deepak Pandey

ullu actress name
Cheshta Bhagat


Pratiksha Ullu Web Series Cast Name– [Aarya Babbar (Chirag Shah)],[Cheshta Bhagat (Pratiksha Singh)],[Avinash Wadhawan (Bhargav Singh)],[Jay Soni (Abhay)],[Hitanshu Jinsi (Amrendra Awasthi)],[Thea D’Suuza (Ishani Gulati)]
Genre – Thriller Violence Nudity Substances  Adult

ullu web series cast actress name
Thea D’Souzza

12. Virgin Suspect:


Detailed description: The Capital City suffers another blow, and this time the country’s reputation is jeopardised since a Russian girl was raped and died. Arrested as a prime convict is a young lad who neither accepts nor can reveal his true location on that heinous night. Will he be shown to be the true convict? Or is he simply a “Virgin Suspect”? Now you can watch!

ullu web series actress name
Vedika Bhandari


Director :- Rajeev Mendiratta
Virgin Suspect Ullu Web Series Cast Name:- [Rishina Kandhar],[Randeep Rai],[Vedika Bhandari Aman Jaitly],[Rajiv Nigam][Pradeep Jangid]
Genre :- Suspense Drama Adult

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