Aashram Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Story “Know Everything”

Aashram Season 3 Release Date:-

The Crime and mystery thriller web series “Ashram,” directed by Prakash Jha, is widely regarded as the greatest MX Player original. Both seasons of Ashram have struck a chord, leaving fans wondering when “Ashram 3” would be released.
The show’s creators have confirmed that it will be renewed for a third season. It has the proper narrative, chart-topping appeal, and cast, as well as being an MX Player original series.

Aashram Season 3 Cast

Ashram Season 3 Plot


Following on from the events of Ashram 1, we witness Baba Nirala (Bobby Deol) become increasingly cruel in his quest for supremacy. He depends on unscrupulous politicians to disguise his tracks, all the while preying on helpless women.

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As a conman, he is skilled at concealing his genuine objectives from the public and putting up a false front in front of his followers. Ujagar Singh, a policeman, sets out to apprehend Baba Nirala, who does not appear to be the person he claims to be. The skeletons and bodies found on the Ashram grounds serve as a spark for the plot.

Aashram Season 3 Plot

Aashram Season 3 News

The first season of Ashram premiered on August 28 and consisted of nine episodes. The audience reacted well to Ashram chapter 2, which aired on November 11th. The MX player original web series was packed with 9 episodes and garnered an IMDb rating of 7.4 and a 4.3/5 on Google.

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Aashram Season 3 Release Date 2022

After a one-month sabbatical after the release of Ashram 2, we’re back. The popularity index, on the other hand, was a little lower on the scale, scoring 3/5 on NDTV. The fact that it was a flagship original programme was enough to have it renewed on MX Player. The fact that Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger was enough to confirm that Ashram 3 is on the way.


Bobby Deol On Aashram Season 3 Release Date

With his portrayal of Baba Nirala in Prakash Jha’s acclaimed series Aashram, actor Bobby Deol has regained fame.
The actor is overjoyed that he was given the opportunity to perform something completely different from his on-screen persona as a loving boy.

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Bobby spoke to an Indian daily about the latest news about the upcoming season of Aashram Season 3 Release date and how the cast and crew have made the program sensible. When asked if the new season was created with the criticism that the program has previously gotten from a few fringe organization’s in mind, Bobby answered it was all part of the game.

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Aashram Season 3 Release Date News

“If Aashram had been such a bad thing, it would never have achieved such a great success,” he was reported as saying. Individuals liked it, and they were aware of what was going on, which is why it was such a big hit: there are a lot of people who have been used and abused, and the program brought them to light. “Prakash Ji is a very responsible filmmaker,” he continued.

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If you look at his resume, you’ll notice that he’s always talked about issues that needed to be addressed. Controversies would become an inextricable component of each picture.


Aashram Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline in Detail

Aashram Season 3 Star Cast

Season 1 and Chapter 2’s original star casts will be kept. Jha, on the other hand, has stated that there would be unexpected returns from previous seasons.

  • Bobby Deol in the role of Kashipur Waale Monty / Baba Nirala
  • Bhopa Bhai / Bhopa Swami / Bhupendra Singh is played by Chandan Roy Sanyal.
  • Parminder aka Pammi is played by Aaditi Pohankar.
  • Satti akaSatwinder Lochan is played by Tushar Pandey.

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Aashram Season 3 Release Date

  • SI Ujagar Singh is played by Darshan Kumar.
  • Dr. Natasha is played by Anupriya Goenka.
  • Babita is played by Tridha Choudhury.
  • Sadhu Sharma is played by Vikram Kochhar.
  • Sundar Lal’s CM Anil Rastogi

Aashram Season 3 Release date

Unfortunately, neither MX Player, Prakash Jha Productions, nor the main actors have announced an official release date for Aashram season 3. Season 2 debuted on MX Player almost exactly two months after the first chapter.
Many fans expected the third season to air in the spring or summer of 2021, based on the expectation that production would follow a similar schedule.

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However, it is already November, and we have yet to hear anything regarding a possible launch date. The good news for fans is that the third season has been under production for about two months. Aashram season 3 is expected to premiere in June 2022, assuming there would be many months of post-production work.

Aashram Season 3 Trailer


Is Season 3 of Aashram based on true events? According to the makers, Aashram is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real-life people is coincidental. On the other hand, the storey appears to be based on true accounts told by a few Indian Godmen.

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This includes Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, who was convicted of rape and murder in 2017 and condemned to death. His music activities and proximity to the youth are eerily similar to Gurmeet’s.
Many believe that the Aashram trilogy depicts Baba’s rise to prominence and subsequent fall.


Where can I watch all three seasons of Aashram 3 for free online?

After witnessing the previous two instalments and Chapter 2, we know you’re looking forward to the forthcoming third season of Aashram. You may watch it for free on Mx Player. If you haven’t seen the first two seasons, you may watch and download them for free on your computer, mobile device, or tablet.


Aashram Season 3 Watch Online

How can I Download Aashram Season 3 for free online?


MX Player is the only place where you can watch the Ashram online series.
To install the app, follow the instructions below and you’ll be ready to watch Ashram Chapter 3 episodes online on Mx Player App.

On the PC, users may just click on the MX player link.


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Android users can get it through the Play Store, while iOS users can get it via the App Store.

The MX player app is recommended for Smartphone users.

Next to your local videos, tap the ‘Play’ icon.

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